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reverse perspective 

I am walking alone through something. Something I cannot name,
because I am blind.
Blind by fog.
I see a silhouette in the distance
A silhouette like a standing shadow
Is it something or someone?
The shadow becomes a person
It is a woman
A woman also searching for something
I continue walking
The fog cuddles me
The fog torments me The woman disappeared
In the distance I hear tapping
The sound of many
I close my eyes, it doesn’t make a difference People are walking
People looking for something
Walking trough something
The moment I saw them, The sound was gone
Alone again
All I sense is wind
The wind became a stain A large stain
Am I sure it is not a person?
Is it going to disappear again? Is it standing still?
I walk on

One second I looked at you
because I thought to knew you,
from the past,
from a moment I thought I remembered. 
You looked at me,
because I thought to recognize you.
However we don’t know each other, 
and you didn’t see what I saw.

© 2023 lerno perego architecture
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