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As a child, my father often told me “turn your heart into stone”.
That’s what I did.
I have accepted that as a human being I am not above or independent from all other life on earth. Stones are alive,
and if you are willing to listen as well,
you hear them flow.
Stones are not solid but liquid,
even Herakleitos knew this already.

Whereas the Anthropocene places the human being on a plinth, I literally put the plinth on a plinth.
This design is an homage to the stone, more specifically, the limestone with its uncontrolled hardness and various shades. The imperfections make it perfect and natural.
I don’t walk around with my chin held high to find the trancendental, but I look down at the simple but yet complex beauty of the grass, the earth and the stone.
The limestone from the quarry is relocated in the field
with a thoughtful respect for stacking. Thus, two solid stacked walls form the Kolossòs as a monolithic sculpture. The stones have a certain size and relationship to each other, determined by the maximum size the limestone can
be quarried, as a result the walls become a composition of lines. The walls clasp the fallen stone, which then forms
the plinth. From this embrace, a column rises above the walls, as if he wants to oversee all of his surroundings. The limestone column, with its 145 million years of wisdom, regrets mankind. By bleeding, it expresses its existence. Creating an architecture where the visitor can form his own reality.


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